Uninstall / Remove PriceBlink

Uninstalling the PriceBlink browser add-on is easy.  To remove PriceBlink from your computer, follow the instructions for your browser below
Before Uninstalling
PriceBlink is a very compact browser add-on (it's a fraction of the size of an iTunes song) that has been certified by Google, Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft editors. If you suspect that PriceBlink is causing a problem with your computer, please contact us and we would be happy to troubleshoot your issue.
Don't Want PriceBlink Appearing on a Particular Merchant?
If you would rather not have coupon notifications appear for a particular merchant, you can easily turn notifications off.  To do this, simply click on the "View coupons" button in the toolbar, and then select "Hide Coupons for This Merchant" at the bottom of the list.
Uninstall Instructions
If you wish to remove PriceBlink from your browser, follow the uninstall instructions below.
If your browser is Mozilla Firefox
Click on Tools > Add-ons > Then Uninstall PriceBlink

If your browser is Google Chrome
Click on Window > Extensions > Then Uninstall PriceBlink

If your browser is Safari
Click on Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Then Uninstall PriceBlink

If your browser is IE
Open your Control Panel > Add-Remove Programs > Then Uninstall PriceBlink

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